English for Young Learners

The Lion & the Mouse
0.99 0.99

Retelling of classic Aesop fable for young English language learners. Includes complete picture & audio books, teaching notes & activities. 

Text by leading ELT author, Kieran McGovern. Illustrations by award winning graphic artist, Trici Venola. 


Beginner/elementary level (A1/A2)

Where is Lance?
0.99 2.99

The Baker family go to a balloon fiesta. Lance is sleeping in his basket. Or is he?

Age: 7-9 Level: Beginners CEFL: A1


Fun picture book for very young english language learners. With audiobook & learning activities. 

Text by Kieran McGovern. Illustrations by award-winning graphic artist, Trici Venola.


The Princess & Pea
1.49 3.99

Picture book adaptation of classic Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. Ideal for young English language learners.

Level: Beginners  Common European Framework (CEF) A1



Each teaching pack includes text & audio, worksheets, teaching notes, learning activities with answers & extension materials.


The current titles in the English for Young Learners series are: The Princess & the Pea, A Very Long Walk & The Lion & Mouse.

Download this sample powerpoint: Part 1 of  A Very Long Walk - with accompanying Before You Watch Worksheet

A Very Long Walk (A1)
1.49 2.99

A lost dog walks across America. 

Lovely story ideal for young learners with worksheets & teaching notes. Try this Before Watching Activity & sample presentation